my unofficial statement

I have been itching to tell everyone about my plans. but since I do not want anything to jinx it just yet, I have kept my mouth shut until everything is settled. I’ve been praying and praying that I will get through. with God's grace and constant prayers from my friends and loved ones, and a dash of a little faith in me. I did.

I am uberly excited-worried right now! Something that I just can't best described in words.
Last Monday, I received an answered PRAYER. Something that I don't really expect. I slept for around 2 hours only! I just can't sleep that night thinking about what will happen. Since I knew, that this was my second attempt with the same company. And my 3rd attempt applying in the same agency, just to be with the man I love. This was even before I agreed to marry my boyfriend of 5 1/2 years.

I left the house around 6am, woke up at 5am. Trying to look good and create an impression upon the interviewers. I got there before 8am...I was not late though, coz the agency's officials were not yet there while a lot of girls were seated already.

I was numbered 8th to be interviewed. We nervously anticipated how the interview will look like. I was so much worried about the fact of my status now (because I got married already,less than a month married now) I felt that it will disqualify my application. I was worried as well, about the GROOMING TEST which was the first one because my hair was not tied up. I was interviewed by 2 super warm foreigners. They ask me if I am still single. I told them that I am actually married with one of their staff. I was hoping that they will further my application. and luckily I they did!!!!!!!!!! We had a hearty lunch, (me and the rest of the girls who will move on to the final test after the lunch break) but I guess I just have no appetite. Maybe because I'm a little bit worried about the next interview. We returned to the conference room for the second step which was the final interview, and worst to worst we were decreased by one. She was not included in the final interview lisitng but her name was not called a while ago, maybe error. then another worst thing happened, another named got eliminated as well. Error as well of the employers. I have all hopes for her in getting in, I even told myself that she might have the chances than I do...I even thought about her with us in Oman, every pay day. I envisioned myself getting closer with this girl.

My final interview turn out well, but I almost failed as well. I was surprised that they didn't ask me anything about their company, or anything that I might know about their country or the job that I was applying for. They just ask me one question that is why they should hire me, and at least I know what to answer.... and then the in-flight manager suddenly told me

"you know I'm not convinced with your ...... " which I thought was my ANSWER yun pala, my grooming daw. As I've told myself, I felt something odd as well regarding my hair that it should be tied up. then the other foreigner said...and my makeup is so neutral.

"oh yes, he lighten me up on that one..."
"is that because your married? that's why you don't have enough time for yourself?"
and of course I can't butt in. they even asked me...that’s a no-no. mind you!

"will you be disappointed if we reject you?" and of course! so they gave me another chance and asked me what will I do. Sabi ko nung una, bigyan lang nila ako ng 1 month. But then the HR manager that looked like Michael V. impersonator they only have 5 minutes. so I said, I will improve my grooming and make up.

"okay, we will give you 5 mins. While you do that, we will interview another one." So I went out in PANICK! IN REAL PANICK. Borrowing make up from all the girls, and literally grabbing one hair net's for the matter. Yeah! They were not even content with my make up. they said that it's so simple. they even said that "can you see the entertainers in the street? how they look like?" ganun ang gusto nila... as in I really looked weird when I went to them this time, my black eyeliner was really long and exaggerated!!!!!!! with cheeks that looked like been slapped many times with super red lipstick that had stained my teeth! and they find me so pretty!!!!!!!! they even said... " you know what you should do, then why do we have to tell you in the first place?"

I went home super happy and a pair of sore feet.

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