what a waste of money

I am scheduled to be home this Christmas season.

and I am behind my schedule. I was supposed to be home since 8th, my dad's birthday. And the first time that I have not been with him for the last 27 years of my existence.

What's worst, my friend booked a package tour for all of us on a 3 day trip to Boracay. It was 3 years since the last time I've been there. Now, I'm still stuck here. So I asked them to have it refunded or transfer it to another friend of ours. But since it's a promotional package, its non TRANSFERABLE, NON REFUNDABLE, AND NON RE-BOOKING. I am left with no options. So I end up paying the full price. Now I am asking any of my friends to use it in behalf of me, for free. and no one wants to grab it.

I won't feel like I paid for something if I know someone will benefit from it.

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