year ender

I have been spending my 20 days annual leave in the sandpit and I couldn't think of any good reason why I am stuck here.

For one, I missed my Dad's, sister's and brother's birthday. (yeah, they're all decemberians.) And I am anticipating missing my Lola's birthday on the 25th. she's turning 89 already. I missed visiting to Bora with college bessies. I also missed going to coron,palawan with HS friends. It supposed to be our first times. and we have an upcoming HS reunion after Christmas. And I will miss seeing everyone!!!!

And the worst of it all was Mom being in the hospital once again to undergo steroid therapy...because of her left eyesight. Its the worst thing of being away from Home.

I always say that when things don't go my way, God has better answers for me. But I just don't see them now. what? for me to spend more time with hubby?

To think that I even swapped my leave coz I was saving December for my family. I was so excited to spend Christmas with them since the start of this year.

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