My wishes are some what priceless for this year. the list goes on and on.
It is something that I really wanted sooooo badly deep within me. :)

- more time to be with my 87th paternal grandma whom I missed seeing last Christmas which was also her birthday. I don't want to experience the same thing I had with my lolo doc.
- may God give my parents more years. Mom to finally recover from her sight malfunction as of the moment. and may GOD lessen the stress Dad is experiencing. may GOD shield them both.
- I wish to finally bring mama and papa in Europe. The plan to visit paris and London did not happen due to Mom's health.
- to travel with my whole family!!!!! including my niece.
- career contentment for myself. LOL. (i'm still battling with myself if I should stay happy here or move to another airlines. It keeps bugging me. my ex-Emirates friends kept telling me no need. its the same lang daw.) grrrrr....But I grew up looking up to papa'c successful career. Im after the company's profile and not after their destinations.) Grrrrrr
- more years of happy marriage for us. woot! woot! thank you Lord for giving me such a good & loving husband.
- career stability for my dentist sister who gets impatient at times. know that everyone has to start from scratch. :) (she's a dentist/dental surgeon. more patients for her this year).
- May GOD guide my brother nurse who will finally pursue his ambition to be a doctor. He really wanted to be one since we were kids. the only person I know who knows what he wants ever since he was a kid.
- more travel this year. with or without hubby I MUST go!!!! time is gold!!!!!
- goal to save Php xxx,xxx this year. team work hubby!!!! woot woot!!!!
- optimistic me! go go go!!!!!
- smile more!!!!! smile to everyone...
- no more absent this year...
- last but not the least, I wanted to have twins at the end of 2010. *wink wink* i thinks its time! :)

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