doodling on payday

I, for one love to scribble a lot.

I tried to jot down some grocery list while waiting for our food to be served.

*its the time of the month* only things needed pleaseeee....

When I was very new here, our shopping cart was always full. But it wasn't really a good idea as time passed by, as some veggies are getting rotten over time in the fridge.

So we just shop for whatever is really needed.

We tried to shop every two weeks. :)

this is my purple notebook with my violet pen

After having our lunch. I love stopping by at BORDERS. It's not as huge as Power books back in Greenbelt, but it is something I loved spending my time with along with my favorite frappucino. I Love notebooks and pens. I have a lots of them.

I was so dissapointed coz I couldn't find a decent journal for 2010. The one that I've been eyeing was no longer there.

I need two. One, as a personal journal. and second for my flying details.

2009 flight journal (flight number, with crewlleagues & our position)

2009 calendar / 2010 for her&his calendar

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jodie said...

nice naman ng calendar cuzz.