shooting star on Christmas day & Blue moon watching on new year's eve.

what a sweet treat to start 2010. :)

Seeing a shooting star on Christmas day with hubby. Blue moon that falls on the last day of 2009. (The first decade of the 21st century ended with what is called a "blue moon" on New Year's Eve. That means that the second decade, the one that we are in today, began with a blue moon, which is not generally considered a particularly auspicious omen.)

the moon would be full only once every month, but in this messy old world of ours, we occasionally get months where there are two full moons. The second, the one that throws everything out of order, is called "blue" because the other 12 moons of the year have names that need to go in sequence and calling the 13th moon of the year blue allows the sequence to continue.

But while they are closely associated with broken hearts and unlikely occurrences -- "once in a blue moon" -- how they might affect the greater course of human events, what the ending and beginning of a decade with a blue moon means -- it happens only every 19 years -- is still unknown.

The last decade was neither one of the best nor one of the worst in memory, or even in history. By strange coincidence, astrological luck or God's grand design, however, the last year of the previous decade, the one that ushered in the 21st century, was a year of two blue moons. If blue moons truly mean broken hearts and bad luck, then logic tells us that this spanking-new year should only be half as painful as the last one was.

as most people believe.

seeign a shooting star is a good sign and blue moon is not as good luck as people thought so. we usually get one full moon in a month. that means, this blue moon is the 13th full moon for 2009. hmmmm

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