honeymoon in HK

2 days after we exchanged vows we left for HK for our 4 day,3 nights honeymoon. I was totally clueless about it, I swear! looking back, we use to dream of going to boracay together. and now HK. It felt so surreal to me still Hahaha! Kidding aside! We we’re both looking forward for our first time out of the country trip - - - together!

Our flight was scheduled at 8am…we arrived in HK after an hour.

The first that we do was exchanged currency; we didn’t have the time to do it in MNL. ‘coz we were so stressed after the big event. I woke up the next day with swollen eyes; I can’t remember any moment that I didn’t tear up.

Day 1 : We took a cab going to the main city. Which was wrong, ‘coz we can take the subway instead. Its cheaper than the cab thing. It cost us HK $250. the sub way will just cost us around HK $50. We checked in at  LUK WOK HOTEL at WAN CHAI, HK. Located around the business hub of HK. On our way to WAN CHAI, we passed through a lot of tunnels, and bridges. Residential condominiums so tall in height, you can’t even tell if they’re even apart. Hotels in the city ain't cheap baby! I was surprised that they charge you per person. Meaning if the room is $700, times two…oh my goodness!!!! My late uncle told me in a brief conversation, that if we tried to check out the hotels in other territories (1 hour away from the city, which by the way can take us back to the city by taking MTR or MRT in the way that we know of.) international hotels names that we know, much cheaper and with better accommodation including pool area and with free breakfast. Ours didn’t include breakfast, and the hotel looks like a small building. But the rooms are great, super tidy and you can even walk in the hallway without your flip flops on.

our suite
We took a short nap, when suddenly this hotel attendant got in just to give us a heck of fruit basket when it is in fact locked. The Plasma TV sucks that you cannot watch everything in there, which you have to enter your credit card just to watch a movie which is plain old by the way. But I like the way our suite looks like. Since it’s getting late already, we went out to check out the stores and some bazaar. Oh my gosh! Everyone is dressed up differently. These Chinese folks looks so stylish, and you cannot even tell if it's old fashioned or out of the line. it looks good on them. It’s so inspiring. We ate at Mcdonald’s….hahaha! oo, sa mcdo! IYES at Mcdonald's!!!! I was so freakin' scared to check out the local foods which I regret now. We passed by some congee small eatery. All I can say is that I was not pleased with the smell coming from the brewing hot soup. The fast food crew don’t even know how to speak in English that they have to call their manager if they're in trouble with the language. When I actually ordered iced tea. They gave me the hot tea with ice.I finally understood why in so many parts of the world they prefer hiring filipinos. 

Anyway, we checked out the LV stores just for curiosity. its much cheaper than the prices in MNL. I can’t hardly contain myself when I saw one store with handful of shoes. From boots to flat pumps. I didn’t purchase any thinking this is our first day here, and I might see something much better.

DAY 2: we we’re scheduled to visit DisneyLand HK It was fun, but the rides we’re all made for kids to enjoy and for grown ups to feel like kid again that’s basically it. We didn’t have the time to visit ocean park. I wished to have spent the day there instead. This time we took the MTR going to Disneyland. We've finally learned this time! Yay! They have so many connecting MTR in all places.

I swear I will never try theseeee again
DAY 3: We woke up pretty late already. We had lunch at café de coral. We went to MONGKOK. Where the bazaar's were located. I got so inspired with the local’s sculptured nails, that I went out to get one for myself. But to my dismay after paying HK$60 for my nails, I was not happy! I can’t move my hands. I went out again in the middle of the night to buy nail remover, coz I can’t wait for tomorrow to have it removed before our flight back to Manila. 

DAY 4: we’re leaving this evening back to manila…before we check out some pasalubongs for everyone, I went back to the same girl who did my fake nails. And I paid her another HK$60 to remove these darn nails. And we couldn’t understand each other when she was asking me why…I kept on saying I was not happy, and its so hard to move. And parts of my skin around my nails were glued on as well ‘coz the nails were a little wide compared my overly thin natural nails. She didn't even bother to file it accordingly. Oh my gosh, can someone talk in English please? We weren’t able to buy a CX (Cathay Pacific Airlines) Aircraft. It was so expensive; we stopped by a store that sells aircraft all over the world. Name it! They have it. Hubby started collecting them when he started working in the aviation industry.

Our flight was delayed for than an hour, and I was so freaking hungry already. And Hubby won’t stop being so naughty. He told me he’ll be in the washroom, and I’ll patiently seat at the lounge for 20 mins. Then suddenly he would scream in my ears to let me know he’s behind my back. He just love to see me so stunt in a way that he would laugh and laugh.

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