(Mummy post) My first Mother's day experience

I am lying if I tell you that I did not look forward to Mother's day this year, cause I actually did! Not that crazy thinking about it everyday, but I gave it a thought. How it will be like, who will first greet me and all that stuff. The gift was my least expectation.

On its eve, I was out with friends. Attended a party. Was so upset cause hubby decided to stay at home, little did I know that he was preparing something for me. I remember telling him "tomorrow is mother's day and all I ask of you is to come with me in this party." Its past 12 mn and I'm not yet home, but was on my way.

 I bribe him with take out from the party, just in case he gets mad.

Upon entering our room, the lights were dimmed. And he was holding a camera, recording a video. So I was like....What is happening? I was on my way to the bathroom, when I notice that there was something in the bed. There I saw the glittery pink roses, a small note from my husband, a simple gift and I think the highlight of them all was my last picture with our baby...that made me tear up!

He was at home, waiting for those beautiful flowers to be delivered. Cleaning the room, making sure the room look cozy and smells good.

sorry our image has been hidden
I told you, his gift was my least expectation. I was about to cry any minute cause I was resenting so bad that I am not with my baby on my first mother's day. That's the reason why I tear up so easily just by seeing our picture with that bouquet.

So far my first Mother's day experience was memorable and probably something that I will carry with me from this time on. The next time my husband desert me again from a party, I knew that he was just busy doing something special for me.

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