it's final

I'm still hoping for a sign if I should get married or postponed it. But it seems I have the answers already.

Mom was talking to me about the preparations already, and Dad told my Mom that he cannot intrude anyway and even said that sukob does not apply so it's fine anyway. Then, I got to talk to my fiancee's brother and assured me that everything will be fine. My fiancee called me up and gave me the dates of his arrival. So I guess, I'm really getting married this *********. OMG! I asked advice from real friends i*** and C****. ‘I’ is getting married this December, and I'm one of her bridesmaids. I hope I'm still here in Manila by that time however that's almost Christmas. I'm so sad coz these girls are going to Hongkong this August and I couldn't be there. I asked my fiancee but he said "NO."

I just want to spend some all-girls time with them.

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