it's not as easy as I thought

It never really sink in, until today.
Scouting on churches and reception.

I was looking for small churches, just with family and friends around us however small churches have small aisle. We both want long aisle to walk on. More dramatic and something I want to look back on. Fiancee wants to dine at Shangrila Hotel after the church ceremony. It was a little pricy but Mom said it's the cheapest rate that we can get for 30 pax as we planned. I was able to get a great deal from different packages and alternatives as well. We were able to end up with a good decision. I was with Fiancee's sister to get a second opinion, and glad she loved the place and even decided for herself.

We checked on some pre-made gowns at the mall. We caught some beautiful pieces with great bead works. Not that pricy! Which was good. Unlike the premade dress in Makati almost Php 4,900 a piece. I can't decide on what motif. Fiancee wanted to have the same motif my parents had, I'm not convinced though. I saw a great dress with color
greenand yellow. Which was really nice....She wants to pick color pink, but I want a lively color. I will do the invitation myself. I will do my own make-up as well, but I was told that I should hire a professional make-up artist to do the make-up and hair setting for me. Hmmm....We were able to hire my friend as the videographer.

I finished listing the names for the entourage. Fiancee said he bought our ring already, and it's no joke what amount he bought for that. And he isn't joking about this wedding preparation.

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