one step away!!!!

yipee!!!! I signed the offer letter and the contract today, 2 days before my birthday.To God be the Glory. At kahit pa anung saya ko ngayon, I'll keep my mouth shut until everything is settled : meaning, I should pass the medical results and until I have my flight ticket thats the only time I can rejoice!

And I always thank the Lord for all those moments I can just laugh with my family, (kakauwi ko lang from a day out with my family and with little m*****) and the chance of having hubby's nephew m***** to be with me for such a while...I know, a month will not be enough. His innocence just make me smile. I sometimes wished he was mine! after this week, I'll be returning him to my in-laws and I know that by the time I leave Manila, I will carry all thpse happy memories we had. For once in my life, I was his Mom.

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