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OCTOBER 31 - I had my medical procedure. Finished right after lunch.

NOVEMBER 7 - I got a text from the agency asking for the status of my medical, as Oman Air is asking it already.

NOVEMBER 8 - I called up the agency to asked the results, coz it will be forwarded to the agency. and after a few minutes they sent me a message that I have to go back to the diagnostic clinic for re-evaluation. (oh gosh, I don't wanna wait for another week.) tentative date of flight is November 20.

I have no idea how in this world I get myself a high sugar level! I was asked to return to the clinic and see what the physician's prognosis. It's either I'll be asked to diet or supplements will be given to me. Mom told me that diabetes is not in our family, when I actually declared in the information sheet that we did! She said, it's not confirmed. Well, I thought since my favorite lola (Mom's tita like Nova Villa's character + ) got diabates, I thought it was in the family. I shouldn't have wrote that down. stupid me...Grrr!!!!
Magdidiet pa ako, e ang payat ko na nga??? Infact, I am 2kgs underwieght. And I'm trying to get back to my normal weight. Too thin is not good.

When hubby had his medical back then. (in the same company) He was UNDER weight, as in super payat. But he was just asked to take vitamins.

In fact, I am now in my 7th cup taking this tea. ABS herbs, Herbal tea is no good. kahit ganu katagl mong ibabad ang tea bag mo di sya papait. I was once told by a chinese friend, that the tasteless it is the better. I thought the bitter the taste, the better. can someone attest to that please????

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