first time in Malaysia

My experience in Malaysia was something similar with the experience I had in HK.
I went there for a 5 day training with Malaysian Airlines. The good news is I passed the swimming assessment unaided for 10m. I had no talent for swimming. And my dad would push me to start training with a bunch of family friends, just so lazy to give it a try not until I have to learn it, in order to pass the requirements of being a cc. So there, after day by day of training I passed. So happy to tell my dad that I can swim now! yay!!!! anyway, going in KL was like going back home, I can see greenfields now. Normal house that I see in manila, the buildings in Oman are all shaped into mosque. All colored in white or cream. Oman is not as crowded as it is in Manila.It's very laid back. I can see similar places, like how the quezon avenune looked like at one place or another.

You cannot identify whose Malay or Pinoy, and you might think that you’re talking to a Chinese folk but they are actually Malay. I was surprised, that the locals wear their traditional dress. 
In Muscat: Pakistanis, Indians and arabs wear their traditional clothes how come we don’t wear them? What if we wear our traditional imelda marcos pina cusi traditional wear with matching pamaypay pa in a very finesse way. Oh my! Hahaha!

fooling around on vday at KLCC
Anyway, after our first day training that stops by 12nn we went to check out KLCC (kuala Lumpur city center). I made the same mistake again, we took the cab going to the main city. Almost 30RM. Back and forth. We first checked on the mall. I was about to take a pic at the JIMMY CHOOS store, but then it’s not allowed. Poor me!!!! For someone who love shoes like me, I can’t wait for the day I can have my first pair of Jimmy Choos. 

We took some pictures at the petronas twin tower. And went to visit Chinatown, to check out the goods. We were told not to touch the goods too much when asking for a price, ‘coz these Chinese folks won’t like it and they will start harassing you if you don’t buy their goods. also, if you kept on trying on something, and kept on haggling for a lower price and end up not buying, you will end in an argument. I didn’t purchase any. Although, It was very tempting to buy lovely watches but I didn’t. I remember Mom’s voice again in the background. When you buy fake watches, yes it’s cheap but you can never guarantee their quality.

On vday. Me and my three flat mates were given separate suite each at our own privacy, but I joined one of them coz I don’t like being alone. Plus, I am such a sleeper. So I need to be with someone that will remind me of our call time. Oh gosh, this job is not as easy as I thought. You have no right to be late. Anyway, we decided to dress up for the sake of vday. We visited SUNGWEI WANG. Greenhills version of Malaysia. Everything seems to be all alike. The fashion of Chinese folks of layering clothes with net stockings. I didn’t buy anything. I really don't know what to get for hubby. ‘coz he told me he has something for me when I get back. I don’t want to buy something just for the sake to buying if it’s not good.

Before going to bed, we decided to drink a glass of red wine just for the heck of it. 

On our last day, I took a cup of starbucks mocha frappe. My all time favorite.
It has always been my idea to purchase a frappe whenever I visit another country. If hubby loves collecting aircrafts which I love too, I’ll have my cup of frappe and took a picture as a souvenir. Babaw nho?
The boutiques in KL malls was so so pretty, a little expensive than we have back in Manila. 

also the way they serve food, is very pretty. The food that we had at HOT MOMMA at sung wei wang mall was cheaper than we have in Kenny rogers. 12RM. Around PHP 100+ only. Masarap pa!!! (delicious)

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