near to ashes

It felt like a nightmare. I caught myself sitting on the floor, still holding the tray. I was numb for a while. Until my pax stood me up, then I realized that I was still breathing and the a/c was normalized again. I was anticipating that we would crash land. It felt like a dream, I told myself"totoo ba ito?" I SWEAR!!!!!!! IT FELT LIKE A DREAM. I began to say a little prayer. I said God please,wag muna. I thought of Papa agad. mama. my siblings, and lastly Hubby. I said, I don't wanna leave Hubby alone.mgkaka pamangkin pa ako. I don't wanna go yet, not just yet.Wala pa nga akong anak e. Kidding aside.

I was doing 4 legs of flight: muscat-dubai,dubai-kuwait,kuwait-dubai,dubai back to muscat.
my last flight then birthday ko na! Yipee.I'll be off for three days. I was actually off for 2 days lang, but I swap my flight on my birthday so I would be off until 28th. I was looking forward to it.

I only have 2 pax going to kuwait from dubai. british and kuwaiti. (business class)

My passengers in J class, didn't mind the sudden turn of the a/c. But I know for a fact, that it was indeed not normal. I was like, "God, I'll be 26 in three days....My family haven't seen me since I got here......I promised my sister that I will get her a laptop...........and a lot of other things" the passengers behind (in EY) was crying like hell, especially ung mga naka abaya's. Imagine, the biritish guy was still busy in his business reading. like nothing had happened. he just stared at me then went back to what he was doing. while the kuwaiti pax won't stop asking for vodka until we touch down in kuwait. and was even laughing that I fell on the floor while serving him his tray. the crew behind was not injured, but their arms were slammed on the carts knobs.

we only have 60 mins from dubai to kuwait. so right after seat belt sign was off. I went straight on serving them their trays. I felt an extreme turbluence when I was about to serve my kuwaiti pax his tray. I was staring at his water glass, I was thinking it might spill. then the a/c made a wild turn. then I fell. Still holding the tray. I can hear glasses slamming in the galley.I made a soft scream.I was numb for a while, I was just staring at the window infront of me. then he grabbed my arm. thats the time I went back to reality, that the a/c normalized again. That I was still breathing. and luckily, we won't crash land. My sfs asked me to stow everything. My god, I still have 2 legs of flight to do. But I felt like I wanted to go home immediately. My sfs told me. "isang beses lang to, di pwdeng maulit nanaman 'to." at eto pa, di namin flight yun. we just swap that flight.

she went and checked the cockpit area, and according to our captain, we were behind a much bigger aircraft. Thats why he made a turn or else we would be affected by the BIG engines of that aircraft. The two f/o were giving their opinions that its not supposed to be sudden. kasi daw baka di na maibalik sa normal kapag kinabig, or else we would stall. tsaka naka auto -pilot naman.

I used to love making hours, I always swap short flights. I love taking double flights. kasi 12 hours din un sa isang araw. sayang ang araw, un ang katwiran ko. I can work max 12 hours of flying in a day. I don't mind changing my cabin shoes every now and then. I could care less in every take off and landing. 'coz I always knew I will be home at the end of the day. Not until you REALLY experienced something, you will never look at things the same way again. I can hear my heart beating so fast in every take off and landing. Turbulence would even make me stop what I am doing right at that moment.

I swear, the captain did not eat the whole flight. namumutla sya up to the time we touch downt. I made a morning prayer that day, before i went for a flight, just a simple prayer. thanking Him. for a brand new day. we never knew whats in store for us. Only God knows up to when is our time. I don't know but I felt it was such a happy day that I have to make a prayer.I was happy kasi sa J class ako mgtratrabaho. I usually pray kapag pa take-off na kami. but I don't know why I made a prayer beginning of that day.

I just thank Him that He didn't need me just yet. I haven't started yet. sobrang dami pang bagay na kailangan kong gawin so I can be truly fulfilled. But as my good friend Grace says, ang trabaho natin ganyan talaga. and isang paa, nasa hukay na.

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