my best cuzz (maid of honor) speech

Why I don't get tired reading my best cuzz/ maid of honor's speech during our special day?
it depicts the real me and the love hubby and I for each other. :)

by : JC

cuzz, let me just tell you how pretty and radiant you are tonight.
we both know we've been best cousins and best friends since we're young, and we'vehad so many beautiful memories together. right now, i should say this is by far the fondest memory that i have with you and i am so proud of you cuzz.although i grew up far from most of my cousins and other relatives, i am thankful that i became especially close with sundae. actually i found it somehow ironic, or rather amusing, that we became this close. we have our share of mga paniniwala, sa ugali, at sa iba iba pang bagay na kami na lang angnakakaalam :) but whenever i am with her, i felt that i have someone i can freely express myself with. like what Sundae has told me, we're bestfriends in the sense that there are no pretenses, no hesitation, and that we've never had a feeling of competition between us. and although sundae and i don't get to see each other as often as we want to, i could say that we're always there for each other esp in many of the important events in our lives. one of the things that i like about our friendship is that even though it takes long before we'd see each other again, we could just so easily pick up where we left off.

i've seen sundae in many of her happy days. remember those outings that we had with your family and mine? :) how we always cherish those times and wish that we could do it again sometime :)

likewise, i've seen her many struggles, esp in love life. there were those failed relationships, but she's learned so much from them. guys, siguro ang first impression nyo kay sundae, "oh she's this very modern, liberated, outgoing woman".pero hindi.

Once you get to her, u'll find Sundae very conservative,madasalin, at napaka-God-fearing. She would always go to this particular church (st. claire of assisi) alone, at kahit pagod at galing sa sc hool or sa ibang lakad eh hindi po sha pumapalya. like a hopeless romantic, she would ask for signs before she could get into anotherrelationship, and God was really with her because she got all her prayers answered.she learned to wait for true love. i guess that's why it took ********** two long years before he finally had Sundae for his girlfriend. (in short, andami po nilang ka-ekekan ;p hehe!)kidding aside, i am proud to say that ********** has been the real knight-in-shining-armour for Sundae.his true love, patience, and faithfulness have won her heart, no doubt about it. bihira po talaga magmahal ang katulad ni wilyum.

how can i forget valentines day...i dont know if many of you would agree but di po ba, most guys who are in the same situation like wilyum's, those who work abroad, away from family and love ones, would have just greeted their loved ones over thephone or just send them emails during special occasions. but wilyum isdifferent. as i know, he is a very shy and reserved person. I wasnt expecting that he would call me up on the phone fromoman, wake me up in the middle of my sleep...para lang makiusap na bilhan ng flowers si Sundae as a surprise gift. bihira lang po talaga mag ask ng favors yan. it was a few days before valentines, so walang kaalam alam si Sundae na nagccommunicate kami ni yum to plan for it.what's unforgettable was halos magkapalya-palya pa angplano. actually it did. i dunno if it was just plain accident or because he was so excited about it that he mistakenly sent some of his texts kay Sundae! ayun, cge na ang alibis namin kay cuzz just to cover up the plan...hanggang sa nauwi sa tampuhan, iyakan...and to add to that, na-delay pa ang delivery ng flowers ;( today,it's really funny to remember how valentines day had turned out for them. anyway, they still made up in the end like what they always do. How many times have I witnessed those low points in their relationship. Merong nagddrama, mahilig makipagbreak (or should I say magpa-awa J), ung isa naman magttext sa akin or tatawag at iiyak. But no matter how many arguments they’ve had, it just makes me smile or laugh (because I know deep inside) dahil kampante ako na magkakabati pa rin ang dalawa.

i remember my cousin once told me, "cuzz if ever i'd have a boyfriend, i wantsomeone just like my dad". even before this big event, i knew somehow thatthe two would end up getting married. kapag kasi magkakasama kaming tatlo, it amazes me up to now, how i see this genuine love between them. i could say that both are lucky to have each other. ********** is the responsible,more matured one, at talagang madiskarte sa buhay. that's why sometimes i would tell Sundae na parang nakikita ko ang papa nya kay **********.kung si ********** may pagka-seryoso, si Sundae naman ang komedyante sa Sundae rin malakas ang loob, matapang kahit nag-iisa...they complement each other, at kung anuman ang kulang ng isa eh napupunannaman ng kabila. and i believe that it's one of the things that make their relationship strong.

Sundae, you always tell me how much you admire your mom and dad for loving each other for all these years. i know you've forever dreamed of being in a happy and successful marriage like theirs. god has guided you since and now HE finally gave you this chance to start building that dream with *******. ******, i know you love Sundae with all your heart. thanks so much for taking care of my best cuzz. sanamatupad mo rin 'yung dream mo to have a happy and successsful family with Sundae always here for you guys. just love, be happy, support, and always be a blessing to each other and to others, as you have both been to mine. i love you both. congratulations!

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