This is embarassing

this is the daily newspaper, available free here at Muscat International Airport. To my dismay, the horrible Monday Tragedy was at the front page. I find it so funny that they have to put it on the front page knowing that the newspaper usually tackles anything to do with the aviation industry.

So embarrassing. We are greatly affected as every filipino around the world. 

News blackout should be observed in certain circumstances. here in Muscat, they don't put everything in paper which was kinda odd for me at first. But when I got used to the idea, I somehow felt bad to those people being interviewed on national TV whenever I watch news, asking how they felt that someone from their family have died or something. I just don't understand how can you interview someone who is insanely crying and probably at loss at the moment knowing something tragic happened in their life? and probably won't be able to cope up in the next few days or so. sorry, I'm going random again. And I totally see now the beauty of censored media here in the gulf.

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