unexpected road-trip + starbucks

unexpected road trip, starbucks time. Then all of a sudden, house hunting.

We were quite happy with our present home, however we spotted a new building with a convenient store downstairs and that made us all dream for a minute or two to possibly get a unit for four rooms, but damn it was too expensive. $2,000/a month

going back to reality, we hit the road again, stop to have pizza and later on starbucks. Abi, the only indian guy I've come across with, that I'm so happy knowing. joined us to have some coffee after his work. He kept on texting me asking for some company, he was so damn bored and doesn't wanna go home yet.

sadly,hubby was on night shift and will be out by 3am. We were home around 1am. What a pity, he was texting me every now and then asking what we are up to, probably envious...miss him though. haha. No picture with him. sigh.

thank you Lord for the wonderful night.

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