WANTED : Expat friend :)

I am desperately searching for an expat friend here in the sandpit since I first got here. preferably somebody that is in a different world of mine. she could be a mother, a wife or whatever. It’s like having a breathe of fresh air. Who have not experience getting business cards from passengers? that I somehow wish, that the next time someone hand me over their business card it will be from a woman.

I love conversations especially over a cup of coffee. Maybe that’s the reason why I love my job. Despite having chances in meeting different kind of people from different backgrounds and colors I haven’t found her yet.

I suddenly recall one black woman from UK that even asked us to have a photo taken before disembarkation on board, I couldn’t forget her ‘coz she was pretty close to my idea of having a friend outside my world. But just imagine how disheartened I was upon hearing that she has a connecting flight back to UK for good. So there, the search is still on.

I earned a friend (Mr) from UK and have exchanged email a couple of times. Hoping that he would somehow introduce me to some of his female friends. But before the friendship materialized, I felt the need to stop communicating with him which he was aware of. Not that my husband asked me to, but since I am a married person. It’s called modesty, to give credit to my husband.

He sure was upset. Which he mentioned in his last email. I felt bad after few days or so for having to cut the friendship short. He was even looking forward to have starbucks with me.

It doesn’t mean that once you are married, you cannot afford to have friends. You can! I have continuously reminded my husband that we should never stop having fun individually or as a couple. But I was taken aback on the thought of being seen in the social spots around, knowing that there will always be, always be --- someone from the company that can see me. Though not everyone is aware of my marital status but what if it’s a Filipino colleague? We cannot explain everything to other people. For most of us, we judge from what we see, we all do.

I am still searching for an expat girl-friend, but now I am searching for an expat couple as well.
Just in case anyone is interested, do know that I love breakfast buffets, taking outdoor photography & slaving myself making baked goodies at home. Often times, spending a day at Borders scanning glossies while having my starbucks. :) 

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