cake cravings

Chocolate mousse is my all time favorite cake. It  has always been present in my birthdays every year since childhood. As far as I can recall I use to buy even the mini chocolate mousse of KFC when goldilocks was not yet around. The most vivid memory I had with Goldilocks chocolate mousse was in 6th grade when Mom brought home one for my birthday, I'm trying to recall years before that but hopeless. haha. 

and now, whenever I go home in Manila. I will pass by Goldilocks before home. I equally love Red Ribbon's version as well, but I kinda stick with Goldilocks because the cream layers are not as thick as Red Ribbon's. When I first heard Goldilocks products being available in a local store around here, I first thought of dinuguan then chocolate mousse cake. Sadly though, rolls are only available. and dinuguan sachet packs cost 1.5 omani riyal (170 pesos). They are now closed.

Soon I will be home. 

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