baby Blanj

let me introduce you to Blanjie our 3 yr old chihuahua baby who doesn't bark at all. who sleeps beside me and my hubby, and who couldn't sleep without a pillow or blanket. He knows how to say hello by raising his left arm. and always have the tip of his tongue hanging out. On his first night, I was surprised that we were sleeping the same time as he is. And I really have to be up so he would be up. 

The first time I took him to bath, he run to hubby's arms and did not bark at all...i once left him to buy something, and saw him where I left him off. He snores more than him,(hubby snores occasionally when he's tired) which was normal for chihuahua's based on my research. I have no choice but to put him down the bed coz I couldn't sleep with his snoring. But now I'm used to his snoring. I put a certain spot in the room, where he will be assigned to pee. he knows where it is, but fail to pee within the lines.

Hubby and I are enjoying every moment with Blanjie, sad for my friend who was actually the first foster parent of Blanj.

Blanj is a boy. He was originally bought by another crew (not filipino) and when she became very busy she handed Blanj over to my friend. He was the love of all. But when the company found out that there were a couple of pets staying with their masters in the crew accommodation, they were left with no choice but to find another home to their pets. Luckily, Blanj found a home with us and I hope I am making him happy by taking him every afternoon for a walk when I don't have flights. I don't have qualms aside from his lack of potty training around the room. but nonetheless, we're happy. We can't take our eyes off him. But he usually get tired easily because of his age range. Dogs usually have 3-7 years life span but chihuahua's has 11-13 years expectancy. Would love to have him around for a long long time.

gosh, I will undergo my recurrent training soon. and flights are getting busier, as Oman air is expanding.we will have Milan in October and Manila in March. I'm okay with Oman Air already. One more impossible dream, may we have only one US destination, oh please NY. di na talaga ako aalis ng oman air. LOL. I hope our schedule will be able to fit to spend more time with Blanj

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