a break from all crazyness

I went blog reading yesterday and was reading drowning equilibriums when I saw a new american series PAN AM. I was watching it and kinda miss what has been my life for the past 4 years ----- flying! But i'm even more excited on the new role I'm about to embark few weeks from now ---- a MOM!!!!!
Panam's uniforms were somewhat similar to our uniform. now I'm thinking of cutting my hair real short. something I have thought months back, what just worries me is the regimen before each flight. washing my hair then blow drying them. My hair has always been long, it was easy for me to do it everyday though I love doing french twist everyday. when my hair is so wet I can just easily tie them up and I'm ready to go. 

So, still thinking though. 

I just watch the pilot episode. If I have the time I wanna see the two other episodes. I don't really know what was wrong with my laptop that when I try to listen with headsets on I couldn't hear the lines, just the music background.

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