random thoughts last weekend

Since I've been home, I have at least watched three movies. Two of which from the local scene. wedding tayo, wedding hindi - a Toni G movie which I thought was a flop. I was not happy with how redundant Toni's usual tone of voice to make patawa was seen all throughout the movie. I usually enjoyed watching all her movies.


Though I was taken aback watching "no other woman" cause I'm taking precaution cause i'm due to give birth anytime especially once you reached your 36th week. 

Thank God my sister was here with her husband and wanted to watch the movie too, so I went with them.

I must say that Carmi Martin's lines were so epic, it kinda reminded me of the lines used in movies back in the 80's. (a great fan of old movies here) 

I would say that Anne Curtis was very good in portraying her bitchiness as a querida. It was so good that I actually hated her for one moment and wanted to actually bite her. lolz!


I'm pretty confident that this WILL NEVER happen to my marriage. But just in case, nature will run its course in reverse I will probably do the same. lol! on another thought, I miss watching movies with him.

Kris Aquino, was very true with her interview right after watching the movie. She laughed all throughout the movie and cried too. Luckily for me, I did not cry that much thanks to my hormones for not pushing through with the drama. though, I can say I really felt Cristine's love for derek as her husband and that made me weep a little. It drawn on me how love can either break you, or transform you. 

"di na ako to eh! pero ginagawa ko to dahil mahal kita! di ko to dapat ginagawa!!!!!"

this specific scene bring tears to my eyes. as I put myself in her shoes for that moment. It drawn on me how much I love my husband, and how painful it must be if it could be me. 

again, marriage is a serious business. if your not sure what your getting into then don't marry. marriage is not a guarantee that someone will be yours forever once you guys got married. 

What I really wanna say is that, marriage is a continuous learning experience. I've been married for four years now, and glad that we just got pregnant now. the last in and out's of the day for the last four years have really thought us both to battle trials that went by. its really best to bring in the kids once your ready ---- GOD will do the timeline for you I must say. 

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