busy mum-to-be

all the babies are coming out like week by week and that makes me feel like I'll be visiting the birth center anytime soon. I have finally fixed the nursery a week ago. Which was my pre-loved purple room. Was so busy tidying it up from the walls till the cabinets, at one point I wanted to re-paint it. Hubby kinda reminded me that I can't paint them by myself because of the fumes. oh yes, I almost forgot about it. 

I was this super lazy adult while growing up, but when I became a wife and started working overseas I have learned how addicting it is looking after your own space. Mum would be so proud of me back in heaven. All the things that she have told me finally registered. Well, she thought I was not paying attention but of course, when you have no yaya or helper to look after your needs you should know what to do.

I have organized bubba's all white clothes drawers. from her wardrobe to her blankets to her towels. That way, her room will be maintained that way. I'm even planning on making an inventory of her stuffs. 

I double checked her feeding bottles. I just learned that her tiny feeding bottles will be as good as three months, by the time she reached her sixth month I will be needing 180 mL bottles. 

I'm literally counting down the days until I see my baby. 
I guess I'm not that scared anymore of the thought of giving birth like I had few years back. I just couldn't contain myself while watching YT giving birth videos with hubby. Now I can stare at them and don't feel squeakiness with them. 

I will battle the labor. I will try to be at my best, but please don't draw a cut on my tummy. not for the beauty of it but because my job requires me to carry heavy equipment in the aircraft. 

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