Starbucks® and bump update

I was very happy last weekend. I got to visit Bonifacio High Street after a long long time..I think I was here almost five months back when I went to see my cousin for her wedding preparations.

Perfect place to hangout with the whole family + got the chance to do my usual walking exercise. after having our usual lunch, the rest of them went somewhere while I do my own business. that way I won't be thinking too much of them, and can focus more on my one hour goal. Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Some days, I have hangover during Saturdays and at a thought would love to spend more time in bed but when you wake up really early to have mass with your family, its so different! I felt like Sundays are always jump-packed with a day full of activities and it is the only day of the week I really miss when I'm not in Manila. Even in Muscat, I know from the time I open my eyes that it is indeed Sunday. When Mom was still around, I would phone them and ask them to bring the laptop down and I would watch them while they're having their lunch. 8am muscat time.

It was so hot last Sunday! but I didn't mind when in fact I'm so conscious that I might get burned. What I was aiming these days was to walk at least an hour during the day and in the evening right after dinner. Its a good thing though that our street is not really a passage of a lot of people. except during the day. 

on another note, I love the watermelon shake I had with my lunch last weekend. I bought watermelon yesterday and some crushed ice and made some at home which was good for two days serving, I kept some and just made them fresh before each meal

Aside from this place. I love Greenbelt, rockwell power plant mall, shangrila-plaza mall and lastly eastwood city mall. Its not really crowded in these places. Plus they have nice outdoor scenery. plus I get to see good looking people. lol! You should understand, I'm working in the middle east and get to spend 40 days in manila a year and most of the people I see everyday are all covered. They're beautiful in the same way however I'm just enjoying seeing the crowd since I'm here in Manila. Its just nice having my cup of whatever and observing all these people passing by.

I'm a regular goer of Starbucks® . Its the only vice people know about me. I can see the couch as I was doing my I've been stopping myself in spending time alone with one of their couches for days now. Hubby is arriving soon, and I'm so looking forward in spending time with him in one of their couches. Miss having long conversations with him and for sure we need a lot of catching up to do for the last six months we've been apart. Its just so different when he's right in front of you. Blackberry messaging have helped us alot. thanks to technology.

I remember Mom telling me years back that half of my paycheck goes to my daily consumption of coffee. I wanted to correct that. I don't drink strong coffee. My all time favorite is Mocha Frappucino®  which is like 10% espresso base as I would like to believe, its more chocolate than coffee plus that yummy whipped cream on top. I don't know what makes me going back to this place over and over again. Even in Muscat, when I wanted a to chill out once in a while I must go. But the coffee beans in Muscat is different from the one here in Manila. Given that the baristas in Muscat are all filipinos, still it tasted differently! 
starbucks in muscat fronting beach side
last time I had starbucks in muscat
okay my post is all about  Starbucks®  now. 
I am craving as I am typing this. Been stopping myself from visiting until hubby arrives. I can't wait to drop by at any Starbucks location with a good ambiance.

I can't forget that one rainy morning I was with my brother somewhere in Ortigas when he gave me one signatured hot chocolate. There was something about mornings that I love lounging at one of their couches. A few days after I've asked some friends to go with me to have another Starbucks®  moment, this time we went to Rockwell and it must be raining outside. It was a pre-requisite. I love raining! it only rains in Muscat once a year no kidding! I saw law students having their own world with all their hard bounded books, and it kinda brought me back in time when I was still in university. OHhhhh, who doesn't like reminiscing? 

Hubby is arriving in less than seven days. Okay here's where the update comes in sorry. Now I really don't know why I said a lot of stuff about my love for Starbucks in this current post, maybe because I'm craving and thinking at the same time of being with hubby ehehe! 

Had my weekly OB checkup yesterday, a lot of preggers where there too cause its a monday. and I am currently 1cm dilated. I can give birth anytime soon. Meaning, my cervix is ripening and its not too long before she arrives

Every pregnancy is different from one another. I did some reading online and have read some staying at 1cm for some weeks while some give birth the next day. One was saying she stayed at 3cm and stayed that way till her due date and have actually past her due date 14 no one really knows exactly when baby will make her grand entrance. just hoping she can wait for dad-to-be's arrival. Dad arrived early last night and was quite paranoid. My sister in law and youngest brother wanted to bring me to the hospital when I told them I had some few spottings. Though no contractions yet. The spottings could be from the IE done by my OB. She was trying so hard to feel my cervix. I could hardly breathe and was asked to breathe from the mouth. 

I informed hubby right away, and was so bothered that baby will pop anytime soon without his presence. He felt like baby doesn't wanna hang on a little bit just in time for his arrival. I have finally calmed him down and I'm doing the best I could to hang on until he arrives though I don't forget about all those pre-labor exercises. I can see myself finally walking in a different pattern "penguin" walk. 

People can really tell that I'm having so much fun with my entire pregnancy. 
Been updating my FB status with my progress. Would keep on updating on the day itself. :)

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