A month ago, I was the happiest "ate" when I received a message from my Dad saying my sister was expecting. I did the math, and that means after six/seven months Dad will have another addition to his grandchildren. I wish its a boy this time. I was soooo grateful for her blessing, that I can't stop thanking GOD.

I was praying all this time for my sister to get pregnant. 'cause the idea of being mothers at the same time just excite me, I just felt that our kids will be a way for us to meet more often in the future. especially mom is not there anymore.

I am few days from delivery, but just few days back 10-10-11 my sister sent me a message saying she's bleeding and advised her to visit and have it checked as soon as possible. I wasn't expecting the next message I got from more heartbeat when in fact the baby was doing well at 150 bpm. There was silence after that, and when I phoned my brother in law that night, my sister was in the hospital bed sedated and in the process of having Dilation & Curettage --- in tagalog RASPA

Isn't it ironic when you can't wait for your baby to arrive then suddenly you found out your sister just had a miscarriage? I got questions in my mind. but yet again, who are we to question God's way? again, in another time He will reveal that.

This is not a different person, this is my SISTER! 
How can I have such a normal pregnancy, no complications and yet my sister the opposite? I am grateful, really I am...but was quite wondering what had happened to her pregnancy.

Anyway, they have the rest of the year to make another one. 
found such an interesting quote in twitter 
 "When one thing ends, another thing begins. Sometimes ending hurts, but a new beginning is worth the pain."

This is one of those moments when you really needed a mom at your side. I was told that she was calling out mom's name while crying. I just can't imagine how painful it is for her. Really, I am deeply hurt as she is. I was not able to eat my lunch when I was exchanging messages with her that day. My husband told me to eat because of my baby, I told him I just don't have appetite. But of course, I had something. 

She's okay now, back at home from the hospital. 

A friend just asked me if my sister really had a miscarriage, apparently she just shared her journey in her FB status. Now what pisses me off, is that some people are just NOT thinking. Clicking "like" when in fact someone is mourning??? I mean, does someone know what LIKE really means? you can comment but like a sad status about mourning or sickness is such a big no-no. 

again, I'm just sayin....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ate Sandy, I saw Ate Dimple's post nga and buti na lang I read what she said, muntikan ko na siyang i-congratulate. I felt bad talaga for her, I remember when I was 10 weeks pregnant back in April, I had to be rushed to the ER by mama and papa because I was having major contractions. Anyway, I truly am sorry for her loss. I get what you said about people not thinking when they "like" something.

Anyhoo, regards to your dad, and the rest of the family. Good luck with your delivery, and I'll probably follow two weeks after! hehe :-)