my journey - first pregnancy

6.82 lbs
normal delivery
labor : 4 hours.
check in : 11:45 am/sunday lunch
baby's out : 4:45 pm/sunday afternoon
in the suite : 9pm/sunday night
discharged : after 24 hours.
cheeky and pinky.

I have always feared the process of giving birth no matter how beautiful it is in so many ways. But it is actually in facing our fears, we can only find out. but after having passed that stage, I can say that I am actually stronger than I thought I was.

My EDD fell on my birthday. but baby arrived 5 days early, at 39 2/3 weeks. and just 48 hours after hubby's arrival in manila. must be pretty excited to meet her dad! meaning, we will not be able to have a bump photoshoot cause she decided to skip on that. lol! but hubby was able to experience my belly going crazy for at least 2 nights. it was so funny looking at him so amazed with her movements.

friday -      hubby 's arrival.
saturday -   hubby  paid a visit to his folks without me. It was also this time when I started preparing hubby's stuff. mine and baby's hospital bags have been prepared long before his arrival. I was pretty tense while checking on what to pack.

saturday night, while i was having my shower, i notice a mucusy discharged (mucus plug) similar to nose mucus, plus I was having diarrhea -- i don't know why. probably, clearing my system for baby's arrival. dad even ordered a big box of pizza that night. so that was pretty much the last food I had.

by this time, I have come to realization that baby is arriving soon. I was still hoping that we will share the same birthday. - - just hoping! but still it is God who schedules.

Sunday - We woke up pretty early. We watched a very funny korean movie and was laughing like crazy. I haven't laugh that much with him for a very long time. anyway, then he asked me for a walk outside, and probably stop at the nearest starbucks. So I went for a pee, and boom found brownish stains in my undies. this was the first sign we were waiting for. but still no contractions. I alarmed my dad and all the people in the household. hubby and I manage to have a quick shower and have one photo before heading out. My dad even said "manganganak ka na, pipicture picture pa!" lol! still no contractions.

I was 4cm dilated, when I was checked.
they adhered a medicine that will help me contract to initiate the process of labor. it was only at that moment when I started contracting. I remember asking the nurse that I wanna do poo poo. I had no idea that this was the labor pain everyone was talking about. literally! But I was cautioned not to push, coz its not poo poo - - plus, I have to save my energy. the only time I can push is when I'm fully.

The early stages of labor were perfectly beautiful. Nothing hurt that bad. then few minutes later my contractions were in full force. until a contraction came on where I shifted gears. I was hanging on the handles of my hospital bed while I was doing inhale-exhale and timing them facing the wall clock. mobile phones were not allowed form the time I went inside that was a huge bummer! it made waiting seem long.

My OB/mom's friend came and poke my water bag. and asked to have the delivery room ready.

delivery room -  they were all waiting for me to become fully - 10cm.
bro's gf is working in that hospital, (same as he few months back. He left that hospital when Mom was terribly sick.) anyway, she managed to go back on duty when she found out I was giving birth that day. she was a big help in assisting me manage  pain, and proper breathing technique. it was at this moment also when i was given local sedation.

they started asking me to push this time. "taeng tae ka na ba? sige itae mo na yan." then I push really hard!!! I had no idea how pushing the baby out could be so hard especially for a first timer. you have to push hard and longer. Also, there were like 3 nurses assisting me. I was so confused with them, every one of them is telling me "mommy, breathe tayu 1, 2, 3."  that i don't know who to follow anymore.I was like, can i just follow one person? they were all talking at the same. i decided to pay attention to my brother's gf. at one point i started telling them to shut up just by simply saying "sssshhhh" and raising my two hands to tell them to be quiet. i just can't focus if it's noisy. then when i couldn't contain it anymore i told them "please wag kayo maingay di kasi ako makapgconcentrate" in my sweetest voice. just like a normal person when they're doing poo poo. lol. thats the last thing i remember.there was no shouting or cursing my husband from my end, those things that you see in movies. i don't know why some people yell at the top of their lungs.oh well, every pregnancy is different so i can only speak from my own experience.

8:30 pm I was in the recovery room. I was told by the anesthesiologist that i have given birth already. I have short memory loss due to the local sedation given to me. upon hearing "hoy, nanganak ka na!" i stared at my belly looking for my bump, and touched them. "huh? asan na ung anak ko?" the nurses told me that my baby looks very much like me and was being feed like crazy.

By this time, I have seen my baby already. and was so happy she came out cheeky, pinkish and healthy. I was officially a mom. i was discharged the next day.

when I first saw her, I wanted to carry her right away. but just couldn't. I was wondering how I was able to carry her for 9 mos. she was so cheeky! and I have very small belly . during my last trimester. I just suddenly loss my appetite compared to the previous trimesters.I don't even eat that much.

I was thanking GOD non stop. I feel so so so blessed for being able to bear a child. I did not cry. as much as I wanted to. Still groggy with the sedation. I even sense the way I talk was so different.

around 9 pm I was transferred in my room already, was so hungry. Dad and the rest of my family was there. my sister and my Dad was laughing like crazy and when i found out behind their laughing scheme i started laughing so hard."tumigil na nga kayo ng kakatawa. may tahi ako anu ba kayo!"

I told my Mom that if ever I will bear a girl, I will named it after her.

so this is it!
this is my journey. thank god for a healthy and safe pregnancy. i feel soooo blessed! plus the wonderful people in the hospital. I feel like my mom was with me in that delivery room because of her wonderful friends who was with me. my attending OB and baby's pediatrician. she even told me "tita's here already. so push hard!" and when I was able to push it the right way. tita would tell me "thats right! push hard....harder! i'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!"  I feel like I was within my comfort zone because of them. i'm so blessed!!!! and my wonderful girlfriends from different places who gave me pointers on what to do. thank you all of you till my second pregnancy. godbless us all!

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