an update

i'll be coming back to my flying duties in no time.
I was thinking of making videos to show my family and friends back home how my life revolves in a daily basis how's the routine. and best of all, my job as a sky nanny. this way, it will clear up the misconceptions on how glam and etc it is.

so far i'm loving the idea of being a newbie mom. I made a tumblr account to track her growing patterns. its been two and a half month and still everything feels so surreal. how she came out, how she looks like, and everything. still, i am thankful. I was able to celebrate Christmas and New Year with her and the rest of the family though without my hubby. But hey, I'm not whining. 

I was able to sew using a sewing machine a balloon skirt for her during the holiday. I was so engrossed with sewing that all my family was busy videoking the night. My little pumpkin was whaling as I out the skirt on. so I gave up! but she wore it for like 10 mins on Christmas eve. I'm looking forward in sewing more stuff for her. I just realized that whenever I walk inside a store. I always look behind the clothes how they were sewn. Geesssh, why have I not thought of learning this while growing up? 

anyway, thats for now. 
oh, I'm busy making her birth scrapbook. just needed to put those bump stickers. goodnight!

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