my second home

Finally arrived in the sandsoil after a year of absence in preparation for motherhood. I am not really excited in going out or meeting old friends.

The first morning upon arriving here wasn't pretty. Wasn't sleeping that well, plus missing a lot my baby girl back in Manila. For most of my days, I am giddy when it is bedtime already, cause I always look forward to waking up the next morning seeing baby girl's smile...its the first thing I see upon opening my eyes.

It was a torture realizing the absence of that smile I always look forward to. I cried the time I woke up. Will hold on to that last onesie she wore the day I left. Looked at her photos, and when it was hurting too much I would watch her videos to see her for life...temporarily. it's like an instant relief.

A week ago, I was so jumpacked with deadlines to pass, to pay, to buy before leaving.
I tried so hard to bring all the stuff I bought home the time I arrived in Manila a year ago. My goodness, I was able to fit my stuff a total of 30 kg. my hand carry luggage was so heavy that I was asked to carry all my spare handbags containing my valuable jewelries and shoes. I got a tire arms after the flight. I got a very nice seat near the emergency exit but was seated with an arab man that I felt so uncomfortable, that I decided to switch to a window seat with a filipino beside me. Let me tell you, that I am not fond of watching in flight enterntainment however I was thinking too much that I couldn't put myself to sleep that I decided to watch "thelma" and boy it was a nice film to watch.

It was so cold in the plane that I wanted to reach my destination asap cause I was so sleep deprived. I tried my best to sleep upon settling down but just couldn't. the next day I got puffy eyes that I couldn't report to the office immediately and missed training with the rest of the new filipino girls. oh well!

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