first solid food experience

This is not the first time we tried to feed her with solids. however, we were not able to document it the first time so this time I made sure I took everything in detail.

at three months old, babies should be given solids as per pediatrician's instructions.
I was told with experienced mom i know that I should try to give her bland foods as much as I could. So i tried to give her ampalaya and carrots.

made a small portion

I boiled the veggies until well-cooked.

This is the fun part, I smashed it. when I wasn't convinced, I pureed it using an electric blender.

I just made sure to give her small portion to prevent choking from happening. the problem with babies is that when they feel something off, they cannot speak something for themselves. 

I made sure that I was giving her water in between takes, and when I feel like that she's starting to be irritable then I stopped. 

I read somewhere that when giving solid foods, its important to give it a one week interval to check if your baby is allergic to a certain type.

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