(shopping) shoes haul

have you notice why my blog is named after shoes? it is because I have always loved shoes since then. When I was asked what I want for my birthday every year, I always say a lovely pair of shoes would be enough.

I bought two platforms shoes in a month! first was a coral platforms from Forever21 and the
teal one from CMG Philippines.

I bought this coral platforms for only $10.00. quite a steal isn't it? I was even counting my fingers before I reached the cashier thinking about it. I asked hubby if I should or should not buy it. I posted a photo in FB and asked people if I should go buy it. So the next time I went to the mall, I purchased them

They're very cheap! but I haven't worn them.

I was in Manila for 6 days. I only have one day to spare to check out my to-go-to shops in the mall.
the moment my eyes catch this teal colored platforms I just go and asked for my size, went to the cashier and  handed my card. It was too late when I realized it was so pricey. $83

Imagine I was thinking twice if I should buy that $10 from F21 when in fact I just went straight and bought this without hesitation.

this CMG platforms are super light!!!! In fact, I went to grocery wearing them and bumped into one of my blonde friends and was asked to where I got them.

it is quality vs quantity. lolzzz... or should i say budget????
the F21 platforms are just so heavy that I couldn't think when I can wear them and with what. plus, when I wear them I looked taller than hubby.


credit goes to S&H philippines

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