(in my kitchen) frying egg in the microwave

I woke up pretty late today! Like 4 in the afternoon. That late! The reason behind was I was up till dawn. Finishing household duties and doze off at 3 am. I was so hungry upon waking up that I opted for a quick meal.

I made some gooey eggs in the microwave. And wanted to share it with y'all. All along I know that water is part of the succession of doing this but to appease myself I've checked Pinterest.
Okay here's how: You need to pour an amount of water in a safe microwavable bowl, before putting the egg. Crack the yolk just to avoid them from erupting. Then cover it with a dish plate to lock the steam inside.

I love my eggs to be a little bit gooey. Like As always. I don't like them well done, cause I find them so dry.
Heat them for 60 seconds, while checking them from time to time to see if it achieved the consistency that your aiming for.

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