(in my kitchen) meatballs made with malunggay stuffed with mozzarella.

When thinking of what to have for meals. I always think about what is left in the fridge.
As a wife and a mother, like what I've seen growing up from my mom. You always think of creating something special for your family. My husband is my number one fan when it comes to cooking. and when I am cooking in the kitchen I feel like I'm cooking for a guest when the truth is I am cooking for my husband alone and for me.

The moment I opened my eyes. I remembered that I still have ground beef left there. Then I remembered I still have one bag of unopened mozzarella and another that's not even finished. So to dispose things in my fridge I thought of making meatballs today and incorporating the leftover mozzarella. I don't have parsley but I have malunggay. A very nutritious herb that also help woman to lactate during pregnancy to prepare them to breastfed their little ones. This is available locally and can be handpick if you see one.

Meatballs are usually made with ground beef. You can use other ground meat but I guess, ground beef taste much better than any other meat.

ground beef
salt and pepper to taste
mozzarella cheese (not shredded)
malunggay or parsley

In a bowl, mix your ground beef with 3/4 c of breadcrumbs. And season it with salt and pepper.
Minced your malunggay into parsley like.

Now time to play with your hands. Form a ball in your palm and add a hump of mozzarella cheese in the middle of each ball.

Fry them until golden brown then set them aside.

For your sauce, you can buy any sweet chili sauce. Heat them on low heat and add some chopped onions.

The thing about meatballs, is that you can either eat them with pasta or rice. As it is,or with sauce.

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