it was two years ago

Red lipstick. Neatly tied up hair.

It was just less than a month since I tied the knot with my college sweetheart, when I got selected for a cabin crew assessment. I applied when I was still single, and got the job when I got married.

I was so excited to leave Manila, in pursuit of independence since I stepped out of uni. And now it is happening.

I can still remember how I felt packing all my stuffs. All my beloved shoes, I tried to fit in my trolley. And all Filipino food mix-must. Sinigang mix and cubes, instant mami’s. Pulled out a mani/pedicure set.

Though I wasn’t so pleased on my first flight after I commenced my trainings: Safety, First Aid & dangerous. My back was aching too much, knowing the flight was just a 2h:30m turnaround flight. I was whining to my husband, that I would love to take his job than mine. After several days, I experienced doing a 14hour flight with no sleep at all prior to that day. But all things comes in adjusting.

Time flies so fast, that was two years ago.

I am now officially immune to flying : sleepless nights. Minimum rest period. heavy turbulence.

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