the web has made me confused

The web had made me more confused.

Half of my friends in Fb are all crew-lleagues in different nationalities. And the reason why I'm keeping up with this social networking site was all for the benefit of doing flight swaps. And look what I found myself, one thai crew that I flown with few weeks back as SNY (supernumerary) has left the company and is now flying with another 5star airline.

When I first started flying, I told myself that I would not stop from there. I would love to shift after I finish my contract. I was anticipating the q&a part, when employers would ask me ''why you left your company?" so there, I finished my contract before applying to another airlines. Of all the pinays I've asked if they have plans of shifting....I wasn't expecting what I heard from them. these are their answers:

"di na siguro. dito senyora na tayu."
"ayoko na magsimula sa zero. at saka, ayoko narin ng jetsetter life. dito naman makakakuha naman tayu ng ticket kahit saan."
"tayu lang ang may maternity leave."
"dito may buhay ka."

I am currently in the best place for all the best reasons just because I'm married, and is working/living with my hubby. However, there's this urge inside me that won't stop bugging me. I am very independent, and that is why I want to transfer. More routes and more room for growth in my flying career. But since I am unfortunately married with a supah nice guy I have to take consideration our marriage, and the possibilities of what might happen in our relationship: less time for each other and more time flying. I am also taking into consideration, the cost of living in that place. Yeah, more money. like 10% difference with my current salary. but what is 10% more income? but how much is the take home money? Mom's voice echoing again "its not how much you earn, but it is how much you saved."

But there's always a "but". the thought of working in a prestige 5star airlines. OMG!!!!!! Its like I'm drooling now.

The success in my father's career I've seen through the years has made my decisions more stronger. :)

When I recently went home, I asked for his loving guidance as I look for answers. It was too long and profound that there's no need to put everything in detail. LOL.

I also ask my husband, cause the thought of one junior crew is now "in" in a better company is still popping up in my head at any time of the day.What he said was no, cause we will be separated. and not all the time money is everything. I've learned to love it here. It’s comfy in fact there really is nothing more to want. It’s even the best place to be in for some. You have a life! and it's not really a jetsetter lifestyle. Perfect for married couples like us, everything is cheap. No traffic jams. It's a work-house environment.

Should I stay or be at the other side of the fence where there is a greener pasture?
So help me God. When in doubt, ask bro.
Since I'm still coming up with answers. Might as well enjoy the same benefits.


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