fruitful first friday of decem-bah

I just realized, how its been so long since the last time I stepped out of this room.
After two weeks of being absent from my sunday duties. hubby was finally off to join our mass obligations. He will be on a night schedule on Sunday so we decided to do it today.

Hubby and I shared some thoughts over a cup of coffee at starbucks before going to the church. Goals for 2010. and a lot of other things. We love talking about what we like/dislike about each other. that way, we improve our relationship and correct whatever we don't realize ourselves. I finally decided to give up my dream of transferring to a bigger airline company. Probably, I'll ask my future kids instead. LOL. I am married and working with my hubby in the same company. The desire to work in a more challenging company is still here. I've always looked up to my father since I was a kid. I sometimes, imagine myself having my own office in one of those tall corporate buildings in Makati City. (my father is a president of a prestigous company in the philippines that I would rather not mention.) I was telling hubby that our relationship will not be compromise. "how come our family was not compromise given the fact that Dad was so successful?" he tells me, that you cannot compare the aviation industry to my father's field.

I asked a lot of people about my desire of transferring. But all they say was please don't go. some married couple would love to stay in the same company and we were quite lucky to be in that position. Would you believe that some married people we know has their wife over in saudi, in dubai and would love to get in, into our comapny but couldn't. knowing that their airline company is way better than here. I'm up for the challenge. But I guess, not in this lifetime.

We were all laughs when I asked him to hold my hand coz I'm going to tell him something. That I would let go of my desire to work in a more competitive, and well known airline company just for US. It was full comedy! haha! while he told me, that he has strong desire as well to move and finally settle in UK for good. It was hilarious and something that I was not expecting. But he was just joking. The arab guy who was seating next to our table couldn't help but stare. we were laughing too much while he held my hands. haha!

He ended up buying a red "techno marine-lookalike" watch. very cheap. He said, he will purchase the yellow one next time. haha! While my friend sold me her "techno marine-lookalike" as well. haha! Which really look good on her. geez, I'm going home on December. How much more is left?

pairs of a techno marine watch will be purchased before the end of 2010.
We still have twelve months to save up for it! hehe!

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