why it is not safe to pose online

I went ahead ang googled my name. Yes I just googled!

I found myself stunt & dumbfounded. Seen my name registered in a number of online dating sites & even signed up for a men’s magazine. Uh wow! I’ve never signed for anything. Im totally clueless. Why don’t you try googling your name?
This is the main reason why I don’t post my spur of the moment profile picture at F’s and a number of blog online. Though I want to, for security measures might as well not. Every one of us could be a potential victim of identity theft. Who has never heard of Jacque Bermejo? It’s like people of the Philippines against her?

And I was a victim myself as well, when six months ago. One outraged miserable pinay ex-crewlleague signed up for a ghost account named after a general arab name and sent tons of hate mails to all my friends in FB. And I recently found out that she made an account after my name, messaged one crew who is currently the gf of her ex-bf. Fishing information. The thought of her creating gossips about herself is absolutely crazy. People are not stupid for them not to know it’s not me. *take a look at my recent post about it.*

And so my decision to keep everything in low profile was just right.

So guys don’t tell me you have not been warned.

Be careful to whom you share your information with. In F’s they could just easily right click and grab your photo. I’ve seen some profiles whose pictures has been grabbed, according to the comments posted to their profiles.

I went across fawannabe , and we might learn something from her. Instead of posting her images, she loves to replace it with a big smiley.

I guess it was a good decision after all.

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