Oman Air's New & Improved complimentary kit

Just want to show you guys the new and improved complimentary kit of Oman Air.
Totally different from the business class amenity we have in B737. Oman Air is expanding so rapidly in the last two years, and I'm so happy to be part of this airline.
Some have interest to shift after some time from here, like I have in my mind few years back. I must admit it bugs me sometime, but I managed. After being with them for quite a long time. the interest have somehow subside. for a lot of things.
I'm getting too far from the topic, let me just post the pics...........
I actually turn it into a watch/jewelry box. The inside jacket, now serves me well as an emergency make-up kit inside my crew luggage which I carry along with me everyday. Hope I can sneak two or more of this as pasalubongs. Filipinos love pasalubongs!!!! And don’t you notice that they love anything from the aircraft. Yes I work for them, but taking home anything from the aircraft, with our company label in it is not allowed. I won’t jeopardize my job for one pretty amenity kit.

        socks underneath....
socks underneath, just enough quality to keep you warm. amenity consists of toothbrush with toothpaste, mouthwash, shaver with shaving cream, combing brush, mini shoe fitter and a handy sewing kit oh there's your earplugs inside (pic not shown here) so you don't have to call your dearly cabin crews especially before cruising.
it looks like this (empty mode)
it serves me well :)

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