I just can't get over you

It's been a week now but hubby and I just couldn't get over the UZ episode last week. An 800 sq meter lot with twin 5 storey resort house style. even the UZ host Daphne Osena Paez couldn't contain her great amazement with the house. Even us is in great awe. 

I super love the walk-in closet! Its something that we wanted in our dream house. and an island table, where all the sunnies, belts and etc., can be easily accessible. and of course LV bags on display. not to mention to die for heels, like Christian Louboutin chic boutique in LA. and vanity mirror style of all makeups in slant position, just what we use to see in the makeup section in shopping malls.

What we always look forward in their episodes, is when they feature the kitchen, the main bedroom, the closet and the bathroom.  let me just share with ya some of the photos I got from Ms. Daphne Osena Paez Blog.

Let save some more penny. LOL!

But right now, it is something that we can just dream about. But we're getting there. :)

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