this august

I just woke up from deep sleep after three hectic days of partying, or should I say 'get together' with friends. I felt partying hard was such a huge word to describe it, as I am not a drinker/smoker/nightlife goer.

After a long long time, hubby and I was able to join some of my crew friends to party. For the first time, I hit the dance floor, as my friends pulled me away from our comfy cubicle. it was a nice feeling though, sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. Even hubby was shocked. I tried to make a fool out of myself and act so funny and crazy at one time or another. Upon entering the clubbing scene, my friend (pinay) whose working with another department in Oman Air, was so surprised seeing me pretty dolled up, as she herself couldn't figure out what the --- I'm doing there. It was pretty late already. We arrived 12mn. Few chats and laughter with my crew-lleagues, before the bar closed we hit the dance floor. after that, we left already before 3am. I bid farewell to that pinay friend of mine, and while I was talking with her one german guy came up to my husband and said, "congratulations for being with such a wonderful woman tonight." and me and my friend was so busy taking pictures, and felt like maybe this guy is hitting on me. so I said "oh thank you, this is my husband actually." and he said "oh more congratulations mate!" and told the german guy how thankful I am for hearing such a beautiful compliment, and he answered "oh, its true. I just can't help but notice." and he even took a picture of both of us.

Its like we don't wanna go home that night, knowing one of our friends still have an 8-hour flight going somewhere in europe. as we stopped by at one of the usual shawarma stops around muscat. and after that we headed home. Hubby was so thankful and me too. thank you Lord for such a beautiful way to spend our rest day.

the next day, we were invited again to have a lunch at one of our friends flat. I am so excited to see her and for hubby too, as he never met my friend's husband. this would be the first time for them. oh gee, its already 8am and we're still so up in the morning knowing we have a lunch to attend to. to cut the story short, we didn't make it. And I miss the fun they all had there.

they say, when something fun is inviting you, you have to dig in. But before someone have told me about this, my husband knows that I am all up to anything. I always look forward to great events. so there, our hectic rest off was spent so well. Thank You Lord!!!!!!

crewlleagues - a term I call the other cabin crews/workmates. :)

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