bump photoshoot

Finally, had the guts to shoot my own bump. 
Was so lazy to do it. been postponing it for days. 
I managed to have one shot. pwede na yan. I've been counting down the days till hubby comes home for bubba's arrival. 

I really wish my husband to at least feel my tummy and be able to see bump's movements in real time before I hit the birth center. 

RAW shot

edited online
having no photoshop is such a bummer. Been searching for anything like it online just for me to come up with this shot. I just wanted to have something to remind me of my bump, just something to look back to in the future.

I have always been fascinated with pregnancy. So I had this on my mind, that when my time comes I WILL enjoy it to the fullest possibility. 

I have always wondered what I would look like, if my nose will ever get bigger. If I'll ever get tiger prints in my tummy, if I will ever throw up in the morning. will I be such a pain in the a**. or ask for manggang hilaw and bagoong. Will I ever come up with weird things to ask for cravings.

Things have changed a little. I gained pounds. my face looks fatty! my nose have definitely bloated. but I AM EMBRACING IT ALL!!!! I just can't put them in words. but for some, I might be less beautiful if that's how they can put them simply. But for me this is all part of the "art of pregnancy". I love that my face is somehow bloated, because this will be the only time in my life that I would look different. I am not worried of my weight, coz I know it will go back to how it was with keeping myself busy at work and at home that will do the trick. Plus, I eat a lot whenever im in Manila, who does not?! we have everything here. jollibee, goldilocks, you can buy 10 pesos worth of bread for merienda outside. have fish balls, or isaw. Things that I will probably not be able to have in Muscat. so the chances of losing weight is much easier. 

I'm sooooo looking forward in having Pepsi, eating smoked salmon, and finally eating isaw. 

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