Things are a bit hazy around the household due to petty misunderstandings. Being the eldest, I stood up and finally had the courage to talk to the parties involved. Enough is enough!

We humans, usually see first the bad from the good.I Everyone is guilty about this! I can simply put fingers and go on and on and on why you are wrong. But no, that's not how I talk this time. 

We usually go into conversations when we wanted to know something. I just wanted to know why things have been repetitive over time. But I got more than that. Tears and skeletons in the closet were far from what I expected. on another note, my mom moved to heaven January of this year, never have I pictured losing a mom this young. When in fact I will be a mom myself in a few weeks from now. You might have your aunt, ninangs, or sisters or girlfriends ---- but having a mom next to you is one of the best things in this lifetime. I never had the chance to write something about her/or what really happened to her because its just too personal. Up to this time we still felt like everything is so surreal. I imagine her walking past the hallway in her household dress calling out my name, or sometimes roll calling us all when she needed something.

It just that.... it saddens me to know that mom is not here anymore and yet argument is there. it just makes the household gloomy. Plus, Dad feeling frustrated then depression comes next and the next thing you knew he's being quiet because he missed mom again. Something that I am preventing to happen.

I sometimes look at myself, not knowing when to stand for myself. Afraid of confrontations and all that. cause I never do any of that. Especially when it comes to the matters of the family and the heart, I easily break down to tears. But I was more surprised when the person I was talking to break down first. 

Not all the time, what we see is normally what they seem to be.Sometimes, they all have DEEP roots! so talk with caution if you have to.

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