my Toni & Guy experience

A pamper-me day from hubby.
Celebrated my journey to motherhood by having my hair chopped thiiiiisssss SHORT!

I've been looking forward in having my hair chop for the longest time.
The last time I had this short was way back in HS. I guess it was the trend back then.
I am not really a fan of hi class salons cause i usually do trims every once in a while, if not in an average salon...I do it myself. cause I always end up sorry for my hair everytime. There's this miscommunication everytime. I would say a half inch then end up having my hair tooo short. but since I was eyeing a certain style of cut I decided to go to the experts who knew their craft. I was afraid that the salons 'sa kanto kanto lang' will murder my hair.

upon entering the salon, you will be asked which hairstylists do you prefer. If you don't have any preference, they will assign you anyone. I was given a glass of cold drink together with hubby.

after shampooing my hair and a little massage on the side. My hairstylists appeared. I was not happy with her attitude by the way. not so accommodating. not even suggested what kind of short styles will best fit me. anyhoo, she opened a set of scissors that I don't know what for.

It was only a haircut but I sat there for almost an hour or more.
sectioned my hair. when she's done with cutting my hair. I thought I'm all done by this time after my hair was blown dried. but my stubborn hairstylist went back and trimmed more, to give my hair more texture. It's a bit pricey but you get the value of the what you paid for.

I would say my experience with this salon turned out to be great if not only due to this supladang hairstylist. I wouldn't mind if she smiled?!

hubby was taking photos while I was being pampered. when i was done, he told me "its my turn now" hahahaha! by the way, I think He was happy with his hairstylist than I was with mine. argk!

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