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Sadly, our family's Nikon d40's lens got wrecked while I was in the middle of shooting houses with my husband. I don't know but it just got stacked while I was zooming the next thing I know there was this black crescent in my photos. This cam was given by my mom to my youngest brother while in college. We had an agreement that after college it will be mine in exchange of the laptop and PSP I gave him. But I guess, it's better for the cam to stay with him due to sentimental reasons..

So now, I am looking what kind of Cam will best fit my needs: traveling, family portraits most of them will be my baby, tutorials that I have to come up soon. So here are my picks

NIKON   D5100  vs CANON 1100D vs CANON 60D

CANON 1100D vs NIKON 5100
traveling is a big part of my existence, it's the perks I get out of my job.
I love taking snaps of everything. However, I've stopped uploading albums in my FB account. Im making more of a slideshow of an event these days.

The thing about Canon 1100d is that it's for beginners and it's not that pricey.
I'm taking the Nikon d5100 into consideration because of the retractable LCD, that way I know how I would look like if I am to capture myself while in a foreign land. Compared to the 1100d the price is still quite reasonable. The canon 60d's specs are brilliant however if your not a photographer then you need to pass on this one. its very impractical.

okay, so these days everyone has at least one DLSR. But when your a mom, you better start thinking about packing lightly. I though of G12 because of its retractable LCD like the d5100. while the Nikon P300 boast of its DLSR's capabilities. hmmm...

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