leaving again

My one year unpaid vacation will end soon.
I totally missed a lot at work, and probably I'm the last person to visit our european routes. But my baby is more than enough for me. It really is about priorities. My priority is my family. 

just thinking of leaving again makes me all sad. Out of need, left without a choice I have to leave baby back home for at least 2 months. all vaccinations will be done by that time plus we dont wanna risk travelling her in a long haul flight. I've been flying for 4 years now and I have seen babies whining all throughout the flight, and the problem with babies is that they're so helpless to tell us what's wrong with them. 

I can't do this, but I have to for her. If I don't leave the soonest, then the longer I have to wait to initiate the process of her papers. Later on, I still have to leave. Argk, if only there are jobs that pay the same in my country then leaving will be out of my option. When you have a child to look after to, it is still best to be in your own country where family and friends are just a call away.

I've been writing down things I have to buy before leaving that is essential to my work.
-lots of black ponytails
-nude nailpolishes
-a mani/pedi set (pusher, nipper, cuticle remover)

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